Collect 2017

A Walk Through The South Downs at Collect 2017. I’m so pleased with the result and it looks amazing on the gallery wall at the Saatchi.


I’m enjoying how the colour mixing develops as the making continues



The wind follows up from the sea pushing the hedges and trees into stunted leaning abstract shapes. A turn to the right takes me along the top of the line of hills with views east and to the sea. Sheep and cows graze, Buzzards fly high and golden barley ripens in the fields.


“The long white roads are a temptation, what quests they propose! They take us away to the thin air of the future or to the underworld of the past.”

Edward Thomas 1909


At the top of the larks field an expansive view opens up as I reach the northern edge of the hills. A large medieval painting or tapestry appears as the ground drops away far below and stretches away to the Weald and eventually the North Downs in the distance.


… see the Skylark flies,

And oer her half-formed nest, with happy wings,

Winnows the air till in the cloud she sings,

Then hangs a dust spot in the sunny skies,

And drops and drops till in her nest she lies,

The Skylark, John Clare, 1821


A walk can be an artwork in itself, the mark you leave on the landscape. While you are walking you are eroding the paths and changing the landscape.